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Student Mentoring

Most students at any level lack guidance in this country. They are extremely talented, have very high goals and perform very well academically but unfortunately often fail at achieving their dreams. This is because even though they do work hard, they are usually ill informed about what they need to work on and hence, fail to make the right decisions when time is of the essence. This is why having a mentor is of the the utmost importance in a a students life. You need guidance to make the right choices like the right course and university after graduating from high school, the right jobs, gaining the right skills, which ideas to pursue etc. to be truly successful in life. There is no space for learning through a trial and error method since most big opportunities only appear once. In coaching institutes, students are provided thorough knowledge of the subjects they study but it is only a mentor who teaches you how to best apply this knowledge, evaluates you as a complete individual, identifies your strengths and weaknesses, sets temporary goals for you to improve you and keeps you motivated, all while preparing you for the corporate world and teaching you the skills which take you far and give you an advantage over anyone who doesn't have a mentor. Most Indian parents are of the opinion that good academic records are what ensure a bright career but it's clearly not enough because many reputed core organizations don’t want to hire freshers, as they lack practical experience and most importantly inter personal and soft skills. We at Mentoring N More Academy bridge that gap through our amazing mentors, who share their invaluable experience to help you succeed. A short period of mentoring leaves an eternal effect on any student, the personal and professional development is incomparable to any other experience.

Our sessions consist of but not limited to:

There are many test locations and you are advised to check the GMAT website for more information about locations of testing and how to book a test appointment, you can find all that information at

  • Self-awareness
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Soft skills
  • Stress Management
  • Resume & CV
  • Communication Skills
  • Networking
  • Leadership skills
  • Mock interviews

We provide unique exclusive sessions to students interested in Higher education both in India and in USA/Canada. We offer a wide range of support and mentoring programs which cover you from start to finish. Our vast network of mentors and support team will address and be with you until you accomplish your dream. Our programs are individually designed for each student as every person has different needs and our primary goal is to cater to every need of a student.

It has been proven innumerable times that through our exclusive session, students have increasing learning outcomes, increasing employability of engineering graduates, increased enrolment in Masters and Doctoral programs, increased collaboration with industries, increased academic outputs such as publications in refereed journals, patents, commercialized products, etc., and many more benefits that too at a highly affordable cost.

To list some of offering under this service,
  • Profile & Personality Analysis
  • E-mailing Professors
  • VISA Interview Preparation
  • After arrival in USA
  • Identify Specialization
  • GRE & TOEFL Prep Guidance
  • Documents
  • Guidance on First Semester in USA
  • Explore Research & Teaching Assistant ship Opportunities
  • Shortlisting of Universities
  • Reporting Scores to Universities
  • Next Steps after VISA
  • Part-Time Jobs
  • Applications
  • Resume/CV
  • Guidance on Bank Loan from India
  • RA/TA
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Follow-up on Admissions
  • Pre-Boarding Preparations
  • Internships after 9 Months
  • Letter of Recommendations (LOR)
  • I-20 and Admission Offer Letter
  • Post-Boarding
  • Networking