10 Tips for the GMAT Test

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Every now and then, we all need a little word of advice. GMAT can be quite easy or difficult based on your personal approach. Hence, a little guidance can go a long way. So here are 10 general tips on acing your GMAT :

1. Stay optimistic

While this advice sounds cliché, your own attitude matters more than you know. In the journey of preparing and acing the GMAT, a positive attitude will not only keep you going under stress, it will also keep you at your productive best. Always remember that nothing happens unless you believe in it.

2. Be consistent

Decide on a particular time you can set aside each day solely for your GMAT prep and be relentless in following that schedule. Don’t stop for even a day thinking that you’ll make up for the gap later. Being consistent always pays off because it makes sure you never lag behind and are always ahead or at par with your schedule.

3. Set short term goals

Keeping long-term goals are important but can often get you bored and fail to keep you motivated. So set short term goals and targets to complete in a day, week and month. Every time you complete one you’ll keep pushing to keep going.

4. Take regular breaks during preparation

If you keep on working continuously without any breaks, you will burn yourself out which will reduce your ultimate productivity and essentially render all your work useless. So instead of working relentlessly, take breaks regularly in order to keep yourself fresh and productive.

5. Practice writing essays

Your writing assessment tests a variety of skills. It tests your grammar, vocabulary and written communication skills and there is no better way to develop your writing skills than practicing writing regularly on a variety of basic topics.

6. Focus on application of concepts

GMAT doesn’t give you complex concepts to deal with. Instead it focuses on applications of rather simple concepts in complex situations. So focus and learn applying your basic concepts in the quant section

7. Practice Computer Adaptive Tests

Being used to appearing for the test on a computer and getting used to the difficulty of your questions increasing with every right answer decreases a lot of stress on the exam day. So practice for the GMAT online and in a computer adaptive test format.

8. Get familiar with basic concepts of economics and statistics

Even though there are no sections for economics or statistics in the GMAT they can help a lot in being comfortable with the business concepts of the test and help you be at ease with the exam.

9. Warm up right before the exam

Right before the exam, warm up your brain and get into the right mental state for problem solving by solving a few simple problems and brushing up on your concepts. This will help you concentrate right from the beginning in your exam.

10. Set a particular time to spend on every question

Since GMAT is a timed exam, its important to allocate a particular amount of limited time to every question. Typically, you shouldn’t spend more than 30 minutes on your essay, 2 minutes per question in quantitative section, 2.5 minutes per question in integrated reasoning section and 1.5 minutes per question in verbal reasoning section.

These are some general tips which can help you up your GMAT prep and progress and help you achieve your target score.

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