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How to Save time in Reading Comprehension in your GRE test?

“I could have scored really well If only I had a little extra time…..” is one of the most common complains that I hear from those who are struggling with the time constraints on the Reading Comprehension section while appearing for GRE. Well, agreed, that the RC can be quite devious at times but simply cribbing about it would not bolster your score.


So, Why not turn this uphill and boring task into something that is less dreadful and more scoring? Let’s together destroy the most destructive question type on the GRE by following these simple steps that would bring about a whole lot of difference in your test score.


Let’s get started.



  • Key to success; READ


We understand that you are not inclined towards reading and engineering and reasoning are your favorite pastime activities. But, as of now, you will have to come out of your comfortable cocoon and explore the hidden virtues of literature.

This will immensely help your reading skills during the GRE test too. Along with that, it would benefit you by enabling you to pick out essentials from the passage.

  1. Focus on the keywords

A lot of students who have achieved a diamond-studded score in GRE vouch on speed reading. This means that you should group the essential words and mark all the keywords available in the passage, you can choose to skip all the unnecessary articles and obvious descriptions in the content.

Make sure not to miss out all the important keywords as they are going to be your lifeline while answering the questions. The best way is to keep making notes of the keywords as you read.

  1. Trust the conventional way

A lot of people think or rather promote the practice of reading the questions before the comprehension. But, sadly, you would just end up wasting more amount of time if you take up that method because once you know the questions, you will be mentally stuck to read the passage in light of all the questions given.

The best way is to read the entire comprehension first, accumulate the gist and then get your ink filled to answer the questions. You may choose to read the passage more keenly for the second time in order to answer the questions. This method would really help you with analytical writing assessment.


  1. This is how you do it!

If you have well-understood my earlier advice of giving multiple readings to a passage, I will now tell you how exactly you will do it.

You can rely on three habits while reading your passage speed reading, scanning for the essentials and solving (of course).


You can choose to give a speed reading while you are reading it for the first time, trying to take out a gist or the objective of the passage, or during double checking after you are done answering all the questions. But make sure that you don’t skim through the questions rather understand the question properly before answering it.


Advantages of speed reading,

  • Understanding the topic
  • Understanding how the arguments are built
  • Understanding of the key ideas and knowing their approximate location


Now comes the second essential part, scanning, proceed to the question section and scan the parts of the passage that are pertaining to the questions. Remember, this intense scan should be adopted only when you are trying to find out a particular numerical data or are searching for some key answer.


Now, go for it and solve it to get the key to success.


  1. Do not let GRE break your spirits

You must know this that these tests use all sorts or Jargons and technical terms to distract you. But, remember GRE tests only your literary competency and not your scientific knowledge about random terms. So don’t get confused and just ignore all the tough words that you can’t understand. Just concentrate on getting answers to the given questions.

  1. Focus on the first and the last paragraph in case of longer passages

Though GRE is not famous for giving long passages, if at all it comes, just focus on the opening and the conclusion and skim through the middle portion. This proves to be convenient as it helps in understanding the objective of the passage. You can nicely scan the middle portion while answering the specific question if required.


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