7 tips to optimize your resume

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Resume-writing is an easy process once you understand the fundamentals, putting your own spin on the final product, and polishing it like a pro. A resume is the most important document when you apply for a job. More often than not it decides your progression to the next stage of the interview, therefore it is important that your resume is presentable.

Here are 7 tips you should know about optimizing your resume:

1. Read the description thoroughly 

Read the job description carefully to know the skills and software experience required, if any. Pay attention to frequently used words and phrases.

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2. Modify your career objective

You cannot use same career objective for all organizations and positions. When you have read the description carefully, you will understand what is it that the employer wants from you. Use it to your best advantage and modify your career objective in a way that makes you stand out. Don’t copy a career objective from internet or otherwise.

3. Grammar and spell-check

You simply cannot ignore the importance of grammar and spellings. One little mistake in either of them, will finish off your chance to be selected. Always read the resume twice or thrice to avoid any silly mistakes. If you are not good at grammar or spellings, ask a friend to check the document for you. 

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4. Standardize your fonts

Fonts do matter! You have to know the standard format of fonts i.e 16 for headings, 14 for sub-headings and 12 for paragraph. It is better to use Times New Roman or Arial as it makes reading easier for the employer. Also make sure your resume has enough white space.

5. Selective content

Since a resume is a summary of your work experience, achievements and skills, therefore you don’t have to list all the jobs you have done so far. You have to be very selective. Select the content on the basis of the relevance of designation and organization.

6. KISS- Keep it simple, stupid

Your employer is not judging your vocabulary in your resume. So avoid using technical jargon, without the context just to fill up space. The simpler, the better. 

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7. Length

‘The more, the merrier’ is a good principle, but not in case of a resume.Don’t make your resume too lengthy. Ideally it should be one page and maximum 2.

Keep your resume short, relevant and updated at all times with the above tips. All the best!

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