7 Tips to stay motivated at your job

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“When work is a pleasure, life is joy. When work is duty, life is slavery.” We all come across a point in life, when we don’t feel like working more because the routine becomes monotonous. More often than routine being monotonous, it is us who get bored with what we do after a certain time. All you need is a little encouragement and motivation to light up your work life. Here is how you can motivate yourself:

1. Ask ‘why’ 

Whenever you start a project or work, ask why you are doing it. Asking ‘why’ makes you have a vision and you work towards that vision which acts as a great motivator.

2. Generate ideas

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Always keep thinking about new ideas to make your work better like innovative presentation style or something unique. When you do things differently and generate new ideas, you get noticed and appreciated by your employer.

3. Set your goals 

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Other than organization goals, set personal goals that align with the organization. When you set up goals for yourself, you tend to be more focused on your work and you enjoy working.

4. Take little- breaks


Instead of sitting continuously at your desk and getting your head jammed on your work, you should take little breaks every once in a while, not thinking about work at all. It can be as little as going up to the coffee machine or just a walk in the office. As a result, you will be more energized when you return to the desk.  

5. Ask for feedback

Never underestimate the power of feedback. Take feedbacks and work on your weaknesses. When you do this, you automatically get motivated to work harder in order to overcome your weakness.

6. Stop multitasking

Do one thing at a time. When you multitask, your attention gets divided on various things because of which none of them gets done perfectly. Make it a point- one thing at a time.

7. Hang out with your colleagues

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You might think it doesn’t matter whether you go out with your colleagues, but in fact it improves your performance a lot. When you hang out with them, you develop a friendly rapport with them and your work environment gets lively.

You don’t need anyone else to motivate you, it is you yourself who can do this. Stay motivated, keep working!

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