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A lot of candidates appearing for the GMAT often fail to succeed inspite of putting in sufficient labour and effort only due to lack of focus and clarity. Trying often isn’t enough if you don’t try in the right way. So, bringing clarity to your goals and efforts and making an action plan is essentially the first step to achieving anything. With the pressure of GMAT looming over you, it might be difficult to figure out what to do and how to start and proceed.

So here is a general action plan to follow to get into a good B-School:

  • Take a practice test

The first step in any journey is to determine your current status or position. In this case, you should start with taking an online practice test from any of the online sources widely available. Take the test under realistic exam conditions in seclusion and in a regulated amount of time. This will tell you about your current status.

  • Evaluate your results 

Once you get the results, evaluate your test carefully. This will tell you about your strengths and weaknesses. Once you’re aware of your comfort zones and areas of difficulty, you find out which section needs how much work and therefore help you realistically evaluate your scope for improvement.

  • Set a target score and target school

Once you know your starting point, you can now set a target score and corresponding target B-Schools. Make note of how much improvement you need in which section to reach your target score and shortlist your target universities according to your target score.

  • Decide how many hours you can spare a day

Everyone doesn’t have the same schedule. To make a realistic plan, you need to figure out how many hours you can set aside each day exclusively for your GMAT preparation. Conventionally, week days would have lesser number of hours allotted and weekends would have more number of hours allocated for the prep. This will all depend on your personal schedule.

  • Decide when you want to take the test

Depending on the difference between your initial and target score and the number of hours you can spare in a week, you should decide when to take the test. If you want to increase your score by a100 points and can spare 10 hours a week, you might need only a month of preparation. Whereas, if you want to increase your score by 250 points and have only 5-6 hours a week, you would probably need 3 months to achieve your target score. This all depends on your personal aptitude and requirements.

  • Work on your statement of purpose and letters of recommendation

Once you’ve worked your GMAT out, you need to focus on your statement of purpose and your letters of recommendation for your applications to your target universities. Work on making your Statement of purpose unique and striking and your letters of recommendation from relevant people of consequence. This can make or break your application in a lot of ways.

Work on Loans, assistantships, scholarships and financial aids

Financially, tuition fees can hold you back from achieving your dream of getting into your dream B-School. So research about student loans, assistantship opportunities, scholarships and financial aids extensively in order to reduce the financial pressure on you.

  • Prepare for the visa interview

If you’re planning to study abroad, research the visa requirements, details and documents necessary carefully and prepare for the visa interview of the relevant country as getting your visa in time can prove integral to you making it into your dream university.

This is a general plan in order to get into your dream B-School. Following them will help you stay focused under pressure and get you through the basic requirements of the journey.

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