Reasons to fall short of clearing the IELTS speaking section.

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IELTS is a big thing for anyone who wants to go abroad for further studies. Anyone who prepares for it understands the pressure they have on themselves even if they have good vocabulary and communication skills. The speaking section becomes tough because it involves face to face interview. Here are common mistakes that people make in IELTS speaking section:

1. One word replies

No matter what the question is, do not reply with one word answer like Yes or No. The interviewer is asking you questions to test your speech and with one word answer he will not be able to do so. Answer in full sentences and add a line or two when the question is a yes or no type.

2. Silence

Silence is golden, but not in IELTS. Never be silent on any question you have been asked, it’s called a speaking section for a reason and that reason is definitely not silence. If you remain quiet, your impression on the interviewer is gone.

Source: tenor

3. Repetition

Don’t make the mistake of repeating one word like “I like a lot of things like books, music, like dance”. No don’t do that. Be precise and clear. Repetition in speech section might mean repetition of IELTS exam.

4. Not sounding confident

Make sure you don’t look or sound nervous. Your nervousness would be reflected in your speech and the interviewers are experts and would catch it in an instant.

Source: tenor

5. Poor pronunciation

If you already know that you are poor in pronunciation, work hard on it and in case you have doubt on pronunciation of a certain word while you are answering, try avoiding the word if possible.

6.  Memorised answers

The interviewers aren’t interviewing a parrot. They are interviewing you, so do not memorise the answers and recite in front of them. They are well trained to identify memorised answer. So be unique and share your views.

Now that you know what are the common mistakes that people usually make in speaking section, make sure you pay close attention to them and not do them yourself. All the best!

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