Difference between A CV and A Resume

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A curriculum vitae (CV) or A resume is the most important and critical thing while applying for an internship, fellowship or job. It’s the first thing that your employer sees about you and you are completely judged on the way you present yourself in a CV or Resume.

But the main problem is that the candidates often don’t know the difference between a CV and a Resume and use the wrong one at wrong place. So here are some differences you must know before applying somewhere:

1. Meaning

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A CV is a document that has detailed record of your academic and professional achievements, skills and competencies. It also covers your awards, researches and honours.

A resume is a french expression which means summary. It is a short document that has an overview of your work history, skills and competencies.

2. Layout

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A CV lists the whole career of an individual in a chronological order and is static meaning the same CV can be used while applying in different organizations.

A Resume has no particular layout and the individual can change and arrange the information about the career in a way that is best suited to him/her. The resume has to be tailored for every organization or position.

3. Purpose 

One of the major differences is the purpose of both the documents. CV is used to apply for an academic job, scholarship, grant or research position. A resume is used for applying to most of the jobs or internships.

4. Length 

Since Resume is a short summary of your work history and skills, the ideal length is 1-2 pages. It is a short document.

A CV is lengthy and it has no limit. It can be as long as the individual’s work history demands.

5. References

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A CV always includes references of past employers. Whereas a Resume doesn’t include the references.

Now that you know the basic differences between A CV and A Resume, make sure you use the right one in right place and right manner. All the best!

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