GRE Vs GMAT: Which Test To Take

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The biggest dilemma one goes through when they want to pursue education abroad is to choose which exam to appear for, between GRE & GMAT. When asked about the same, generally people get stuck trying to weigh them and choose the better one and somehow when they do answer, it is more of a biased opinion considering the fact they bring in that personal prejudice which is totally subjective and far off reality.

Now that we have options, let’s try to list down some benefits and drawbacks which comes into light in the face-off between GRE & GMAT. Will the Old & experienced GMAT hold its ground versus the new kid on the block GRE? Let’s find out!

Why choose GRE over GMAT?

  • For those examinees who have their ‘horcruxes’ in the form of grammar or logic-based questions, well then GRE offers some breathing space, emphasis on grammar and logical arguments are placed comparatively on the lesser scale when the pattern of the paper is concerned. Some familiarity is obviously needed but not to the GMAT extent.

  • The GRE lets you skip questions whereas on taking the GMAT, you cannot skip one and return to it later. This helps in providing an unbiased chance to different students using pacing techniques and time management.

Skip Performance-Based Questions

  • Integrated Reasoning doesn’t form part of GRE, that combines all the difficult parts of the Verbal section with quantitative analysis and data interpretation. These troublesome twelve questions don’t appear on the GRE, improving your chances to qualify.
  • If you were me, you couldn’t relate more to this. Mathematics is on the easier end in the GRE. Well, this doesn’t mean that it is really simple, but since it is a standardized test for many disciplines and not only Business Administration, unlike the GMAT, the Math is more approachable.
  • With the GRE, you have more options. You may be set on getting an MBA, but students often change their minds, discover new passions and alter their plans. With a GRE score, you will have a world of graduate school programs that you can attend. With a GMAT score, you are locked into business school.

  • The GRE is more pocket-friendly ($195 vs. $250). For some, it might not be an issue, but for others, the difference of $55 isn’t negligible, especially for those students who take the GRE or GMAT twice because now we are talking about a savings of $110.

  • Depending on where you are in this big blue ball, you might have to travel much farther to take a GMAT test than the GRE which is offered in many places across the globe.

GRE? What’s that? GMAT all the way!

As always, with everything good and appealing, comes a twist. Here are a couple drawbacks and one giant question mark we need to keep in mind before choosing GRE over GMAT.

  • The GRE makes you write two essays instead of one. Some people wouldn’t find this a huge drawback, but it’s worth consideration regarding the amount of time you want to spend on writing along with your ability to write two essays.
  • The GRE places heavy emphasis on vocabulary. The vocabulary on the GRE is more advanced, and depending on your expertise, you may need to put in some extra efforts for the same.

The Big Unknown: The weight-age given to GRE vs. the GMAT when it comes to evaluation of scores it isn’t clear on how schools evaluate them.

  • What Should You Do?

The following steps should be considered when choosing GRE:

  • Are GRE scores are even accepted at the schools you plan to apply to?
  • Check the ETS website for a complete list. Next up, schedule a practice GRE and a practice GMAT. Both tests are available for free online through ETS and GMAC. If this gives you a dramatic difference in scores, your choice will be clear.

 GRE  Free Practice Test:
GMAT  Free Practice Test:!practice

  • If the scores are relatively similar, spend a week with each test, learning more about them, considering the pros and cons before coming to a conclusion. By the end of a week, you should have a clear idea about which test to take.

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