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Want to ace your GMAT and get into your dream B-School? How you schedule your exam matters more than you think! Scheduling your GMAT too soon or too late can create a lot of issues and ruin your efforts. So it’s very important to know when to appear for your GMAT. Want to know how to schedule your test at the right time?

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The GMAT score is valid for a span of 5 years and that’s what you should use wisely. One can decide to take the GMAT test more than once so it is better not to rush and wait till you are prepared thoroughly.

It is better to take your GMAT test when you’re young and still a student. Studies show that 20 year olds do much better in GMAT without any preparation than 22 year olds.

Whether you are a student or not, estimate the amount of time you need to prepare for the exam without leaving any concepts unpracticed or unrevised. People can take anywhere between 100-130 hours to prepare completely. This depends on a person’s general aptitude and initial knowledge of the concepts. Then decide on how many hours you can spend on preparation every week and accordingly find out how many months you need to complete your preparation which again depends on your own schedule.

Know the application deadline for the program which you want to get into and decide which round you will be applying to and then set the exam date accordingly.

You should ideally maintain an adequate gap between the GMAT test date and the time of the round or the deadline of the program you are interested in, thus allowing yourself time to retake the GMAT if necessary.

Don’t leave a huge gap between the number of months you need to prepare and the test date because appearing for the exam immediately after completing preparation can prove to have a much better impact on the scores but keep a small buffer period of a week or two to revise or for any emergencies which may cause you to lag behind in your preparation.

Plan everything backwards starting from the deadline of your program, then your exam date and then your preparation schedule.

It is important that you follow the above-said points as they are vital in deciding your career. Moreover, keep tabs on the latest news and updates regarding the GMAT test so you are thoroughly updated and there will be no scope for silly mishaps. Above all, be sure to be confident before and during the exam. Any kind of nervousness will only happen when you are not confident in your preparation.

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