Top 10 interpersonal skills: essentials for an ever-growing career

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Gone are days when a fine technical know-how was the basis of every job. In today’s competitive market, employers seek for much more than qualifications, skills, and experience. They need the candidate to be able to handle para-job situations too, hence, they focus a great amount of attention on interpersonal skills of the candidates.


Interpersonal skills is an umbrella term for all those skills that expresses a person’s behavior, communication skills, social grace, attitude towards work, habits, optimism, and friendliness towards others. Therefore, your resume/cover letter should communicate these to the potential employer, so that you can have a discussion on the same during the interview.


This task of jotting down may leave some of you confused as to what all to pen down, and some might find it taxing. Well, to ease up your task, here’s a list of 10 major interpersonal skills set that will do a worthy job in impressing any employer and will get you your dream job.



  • Communication


Today, everyone holds a degree but only a few can communicate their way to success. Thus, employers are extremely interested in candidates who can put across their thoughts and efficiently and speak in away to aspire others.


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  1. Confidence

There is no denying the act that a confident person can handle even the most adverse of the situations. Therefore, present yourself in such a way that you know that the job role belongs to you. Make sure to gather enough data about the company and to have a clear idea of what the job demands. Then simply communicate it across with all the right words and leave the employer impressed.


  1. Attitude matters

Always show a positive attitude towards the job and life in general. MAke sure that you don’t say anything negative about your previous company, employer, or colleagues. Let the employer believe that you are not one of those who blame the circumstances.


  1. Time Management

One of the most desirable art that any employer requires is this art of managing time. The employer needs to be guaranteed that you can excellently cope with the conflicting demands of employers, clients, and colleagues. So, don’t forget to talk about the instances when your time management saved nine.

Time Management: Not Just About Schedules

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  1. Open to feedback

Accepting negative feedback gracefully speaks volumes about you and makes you a well-desired candidate by the interview panel. The task might look difficult in the beginning but you will definitely learn to deal with it by not taking it personally.


  1. Work ethic

Companies these days are finding it hard to find regular and reliable employees. So, by making your employer believe in your professionalism and strong work ethic, you can get your way through the interview.


  1. Flexibility

We live in an ever-evolving era. Hence jobs requirements are not limited from 9-5 p.m. Every company wants to hire an employee who shows flexibility in work and timings. The employer should believe that you would be present each time the duty calls.


  1. Team player

People who can move out of their comfort zone can take up leadership roles, can ignite multiple minds together towards the company’s goal, and can demonstrate futuristic thinking are considered to be company’s greatest assets.

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  1. Dealing with work pressure

We all have times in our lives when the balance between personal and professional life seems to fade. Especially when you hold a higher rank in your job because the work pressure, deliverables, and expectations grow at a high rate. At this time, thinking critically and managing sub-employees and getting the work done from them shows the real art of coping with the pressure. One must work out a systematic plan and make sure that everyone is putting in their contribution to getting the work done.


  1. Critical thinking

Employees who have a critically charged mindsets and are good at problem-solving are an employer’s dream. It’s not about knowing everything, it’s just about having a right thinking process.

Improving Problem Solving SkillsSource credit: communicationtheory


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