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Class 12th is the perfect time to reconsider your career goals, and "Mentoring & More" is always there to provide expert guidance. With us, you will enjoy the specially crafted scientific process and programs to analyze your skills, hidden interests, and talents.

The right decision at the right time will provide you the much-needed boost and motivate you towards achieving your professional dreams.

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Explore Your Strengths and Passion at the "Right Time."

  • Evaluate Your Every Possible Career Goals :

    Our scientifically designed 5-dimensional career assessment program will surely make you take few essential steps to bring you close to your dream career.

  • The Crucial Time to Reconsider Your Options :

    Make use of this period to evaluate the best "Top-3" career options; our team of experts will help you narrow down your options to identify the most suitable for you.

  • Work on Weaknesses and Focus on Strengths :

    The thoroughly designed programs will provide you the required insight to explore your strengths, and our personalized reports will make sure to work on the weaknesses.

The Combination of Friendly and Industry-Based Experts Motivation

  • Have a Deeper Career Insights :

    Our scientifically designed programs and activities will help you broaden your perception to analyze your interests, passions, and working style.

  • The Friendly and Personalized Approach :

    The industry-based friendly experts make sure to shortlist every option innovatively and excitingly to craft perfect career options for you.

  • Ask Anything :

    We understand you need all your queries answered. Our experts are always happy to answer all career-related questions and more; get in touch with them over the phone, email, or chat.

Select the Perfect Higher Education Options and College

  • The Successful Career Path :

    The expert's guidance will make you select the well-suited career options for you; sailing in the right direction at the right time will save you precious time.

  • Select the Best College & Course :

    We are not only satisfied to provide guidance selecting the career path but make sure that you enroll yourself in the best college/university and pursue the well-planned course.

  • We Raise Your Career Graph :

    We make sure you are moving ahead in the right direction with the right approach; just achieve your dream career, moving few steps ahead with us.

The Importance of Psychometric Test

The psychometric tests hold great value while deciding your career orientation, and of course, the main purpose is to make you confident while selecting your career path with the interactive sessions with our experts.
These exciting psychometric tests can help you in every phase of your academic and professional phase. There is nothing like right or wrong answers to any of the questionnaires.

When Should You Opt For The Test?

You must take the test in the circumstances described below:

What is the importance of career analysis for 11 to 12th class students?

This is the important phase of your career, and this is when students are more confused regarding their career choices. Most of the students are in conflict regarding the course preparation which course they should opt for after 12th. Many students prepare for entrance exams and board simultaneously, while few just focus on the board exams. Overall it's a very demanding as well as confusing situation for students. The career counseling experts and mentors help students to be focused and advise the best career choice and program evaluating the students' potential and skills. These friendly experts also help students to recognize their potential to excel in various fields.

Why are psychometric tests important for students?

The psychometric tests are designed in a way to analyze what students can achieve in their professional careers. These specifically crafted tests let students, parents, and us know the mental conditioning with the help of mental and physical queries. There are various tests intended to check the learning capabilities, but never try to analyze the individual's mental makeup. These tests reveal the person's cognitive ability so that he/she can make exceptional educational and career-based decisions. In simple words, these tests are designed to find out the best suitable field of study for the students, rather than focusing on the demanding job, what parents want, and what's the market trend. You can go through our blogs to explore each and every aspect of psychometric tests.

How to know the right time to take the psychometric test?

It is not required to take the test in primary sections of school education. The children who attained the stable stage and have developed mental makeup should appear for the test for correct assessment. If the students appear for the test at a young age, there is every chance of getting the wrong results, as they're still many behavioral traits to be formed, and character will develop. So, the perfect time for the test is when the students are at their transition educational phase, like the selection of stream after 10th or need to know the interest at the higher secondary level. At this crucial juncture, psychometric tests play a vital role. The best age for taking the test can be when students have attained the 14th or 15th years of age, the time when they have matured sufficiently and have attained specific behavioral patterns.

Can I know the way how psychometric tests are conducted?

The psychometric tests are having sets of questionnaires intended to determine the traits and personality of an individual. It is required to answer every question honestly to benefit most from the test. If the information provided will be improper, it will result in the wrong assessment. That is why these tests are conducted to analyze the students' aptitude, abilities, personalities, and interests. The tests are conducted with the help of computers, there are various directed questions, and every next is presented based on how you have answered the previous one and so on. The computer-based test model explores the sub-domains of the dominant traits, which was not possible in earlier tests. The students can appear for the test in any one of the two models - online and offline. In online mode, the students take tests via computers, while in offline mode, the students use the conventional method to take the test. The online mode is getting more popular in today's scenario, but ultimately it's the students' choice to select the test mode.

How are psychometric tests beneficial for employers?

The psychometric test for students helps them select the best field of study or career option. Employers worldwide like to work with the employees who have selected the career or profession of their choice. The professional working in his choice of the field will be more productive, and as a result, will bring more benefits and profits to the organization and employer. That is why psychometric tests play an important role and beneficial for both professionals and employers. The psychometric tests also help in creating a more harmonious society as a whole.

Can I know more about career experts who will guide me through career selection?

The top career experts and counselors will analyze your career choice for the school and college students. Our team of career experts consists of industry experts, top alumni of prestigious colleges around the globe, and leading psychologists. All of them are experts in their field and have more than fifteen years of experience in their specific areas.

What are the payment options for the programs?

We have a variety of convenient and safe payment options available. The options like - net banking, e-wallets, credit/debit cards, etc., will help you select the most suitable payment mode for you. For more information, our customer care will be happy to help you out.

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