Woman Mentoring

More and more organizations globally are turning over a new leaf in employing more women and finding them equally talented. So many fortune 500 companies have women as their CEOs currently and and the numbers are only increasing. This is a great time for ambitious women to pursue their passions and achieve the unimaginable. But many such bright attempts dim out before they could ever glow. There are still stereotypes to get through and unique problems on the professional and personal front alike which are exclusive to women. There's still a work - family balance to strike and extreme high stress levels. Put simply, it's still harder for women out there as compared to men. You've got to compete much harder to come head to head to men. In such times, it's important to work smart and have the right guidance and training to know what to do next because there's no time for trial and error. In our women mentoring program, we cater to the specific and exclusive needs of women at different levels, be it high school, university, work or entrepreneurship. We understand that women have to get through a different variety of problems and complications to achieve success and our mentors have a totally different approach towards this program.

We offer: Career support

You might be a high school student planning for your dream university or even trying to choose the right university, a fresher still in college or just out of university trying to find the right job, or a working woman trying to take your career to the next level, or a homemaker trying to rediscover a career, we'll help you with it all. Through mentoring, we guide you through your career decisions, how to improve your soft skills, market yourself and form the right network. We help you find the right blend of success nd happiness in your professional life.

Psychological Support

We understand that women often lack the right support, motivation and encouragement. Through our inspiring mentors, we work with women at different stages to help make them more confident, outgoing and ambitious. We help you discover yourself and your passions so that you know exactly what you want from your professional lives. Mentoring essentially provides you with a confidante who can keep you motivated and help you achieve everything that you deserve and more.

Awareness about their rights and opportunities

We realise that women often lack knowledge of their rights as individuals of the society and of the unlimited opportunities out there and hence aren't able to make use of all the resources available to them. Through mentoring, we introduce you to all your rights, resources and opportunities that you didn't even consider or know about before so that you can make educated choices in your professional life. We help you recognize your skills and how to make the best use of them while continuously working on your weaknesses.


Mentoring is the ultimate blend of a professional yet personal relationship. Women have to deal with a lot of stress, often much more than men as they often have to manage their career and home simultaneously. Yet, they often lack a person to discuss their problems with. Discussing and talking about your regular issues and how to get through them both in personal and professional life is an extremely important part of mentoring which allows you to grow in your career alongside growing as an individual.

Key features :
  • Profile evaluation
  • Identity strengths and weaknesses
  • Discover and develop talents
  • Networking skills
  • Communication skills
  • Soft skills
  • Resume makeover
  • Personal rebranding
  • Personal marketing
  • Motivation, support and guidance

Mentoring is essentially an interpersonal relationship which is based on trust and demands absolute honesty in order to fully benefit from your mentor. At Mentoring N More, we respect your privacy at all times and understand that we are dealing with confidential data about our clients at all times. It is one of our strict policies none of your data of any sort will be shared with anyone without your permission.

For the entire program time, your mentor will be guiding you through online means like skype, email, texting etc. He/she will be available 24*7 for any help you need at any hour irrespective of weekends. Mentoring is important for men too but for women, it can take them to new heights owing to lack of guidance most women face. It changes your entire attitude towards life and work and you come out out of the experience as a strong, positive and driven person who can get through all the challenges in life, on the personal or professional front alike.

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